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You can make a difference by making your voice be heard. Calling Legislators, and filling out Witness Slips are easy and effective methods for you to express your support or opposition to proposed legislation.

We've made it even easier for you to take action by compiling both Witness Slip links, as well as direct phone numbers for the sponsoring legislator for bill that affect our Southern Illinois values. If you need assistance or have additional questions, call us at 618-655-4109

It's easy, and only takes a few minutes!

Step 1: Witness Slips


Before a bill is heard in committee, Witness Slips will be read. These Witness Slips are on official record of your support or opposition to a bill. This is the easiest way for you to submit your official stance online, and ensure that it will be heard. 

OK, How do I do That?

It's easy. Click the Witness Slip links provided for each Bill below , then fill out, and submit. Here are a few tips:

SECTION I: Fill in your contact information

Note: In Section 1. If you are not speaking on behalf of a Business or Organization, you may use “On behalf of self" and "NA" for Business & Title. In section ii. you may use Illinois Voter under Representation.

SECTION II: Representation: You can type “Illinois voter.”


SECTION III: Select “Original Bill”  & check "Opponent


Select “Record Of Appearance Only.” 

Check “I Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement.”

Click “Create Slip” on the right side.

ALL DONE! Your Position will now be read at committee!

Step 2 - Call Legislators

It is important that we call the sponsoring Legislators and let them know that we oppose the legislation that they are proposing. These phone calls are recorded, officially logged and are a powerful and effective way for citizens to have their voices be heard.


It's easy. You simply call the sponsoring Legislators offices below. Sometime you'll leave a message, and sometimes  you'll talk to an actual person.  Either way, you simply leave a brief message stating your opposition.

Suggested message:

"Hello, my name is _____________, and
I live in _____________.  

I am calling to say that I strongly oppose
the bill(s) _________."


ALL DONE! Your Voice has been heard and your call recorded.

Progressive Income Tax Increase

(Establishes a Progressive Income Tax Increase, and Increases Business Revenue Tax)

Call the legislator(s) below:


Call & Email the bill sponsor

Rep. Robert Martwick (D)

Springfield Office: (217) 782-8400

District Office: (773) 286-1115    

Email: repmartwick@gmail.com


Call & Urge these Lawmakers to vote NO on Progressive Income Tax.


Rep Bristow (D)

Springfield Office: 217-782-5996

District Office: 618-465-5900


Rep. Costa Howard (D)

Springfield Office: 217-782-8037

District Office: 630-812-9292


Rep. Edly-Allen (D)

Springfield Office: 217-782-3696

District Office: 224-206-7647


Rep. Hoffman (D)

Springfield Office: 217-782-0104

District Office: 618-416-7407


Rep. Nathan D. Reitz (D)

Springfield Office: (217) 782-1018

District Office: 618- 282-7284


Rep. Scherer (D)

Springfield Office: 217-524-0353

District Office: 217-877-9636


Rep. Stuart (D)

Springfield Office: 217-782-8018

District Office: 618-365-6650

For more information or assistance, please call our office at: 618-665-4109

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